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Patient Care e-Learning Packages

Our Patient Care e-learning packages cover key issues in health and social care; including, dignity and respect; nutritional screening and fluid monitoring; informed consent; dementia; patient falls; carer awareness and triangle of care; and mouth care.

Carer Awareness / Triangle of Care

Carer Awareness / Triangle of Care e-Learning

The e-Carer Awareness / Triangle of Care e-Learning raises awareness of the role and contribution of carers within the health and social care systems and the responsibilities of healthcare staff and organisations to involve and support carers in the care and treatment of patients.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation e-Learning

The Smoking Cessation e-Learning enables heath care staff to recognise the dangers of smoking and the benefits of stopping smoking. The e-learning illustrates the barriers and challenges of stopping smoking; the issues of nicotine addiction and withdrawal and the advice and interventions that can be provided to patients to support smoking cessation.

Nutritional Screening and Food Record

Nutritional Screening and Food Record e-Learning

An e-learning module providing training for healthcare staff in nutritional screening, appropriate support for the nutritional welfare of patients at risk of malnutrition and the use of food record charts to record and monitor food intake.

Fluid Monitoring

Fluid Monitoring e-Learning

The Fluid Monitoring e-Learning package introduces the importance of hydration and fluid balance, raising awareness of the role of good documentation in effective fluid monitoring. The package describes how to recognise signs of dehydration and ways of recording fluid intake, output and balance using daily and weekly charts.

Mouth Care

Mouth Care e-Learning

The Introduction to Mouth Care e-Learning highlights the importance of taking care of the mouth, discusses the causes of dental disease and illustrates the elements of a basic mouth care routine. Procedures for cleaning your own teeth and for cleaning someone else's teeth are illustrated and a mouth care plan for adult patients receiving care or treatment is described.

Mouth Care for Adults

Mouth Care for Adults e-Learning

The Mouth Care for Adults e-Learning provides initial training in mouth care. It will help nurses and care staff to recognise the importance of mouth care, improving knowledge and skills and enabling them to care for someone else's mouth.

Mouth Care for Adults with Additional Needs

Mouth Care for Adults with Additional Needs e-Learning

The Mouth Care for Adults with Additional Needs e-Learning describes appropriate mouth care strategies for patients and service users that require additional care both for the treatment of a range of oral health problems and also for patients' with additional challenges such as acute health issues, challenging behaviour, mental health problems, dementia, refusal of oral care or for people on food supplements.

Patient Falls

Patient Falls e-Learning

An e-learning module promoting an awareness of the importance of in-patients falls and providing training on the assessment and prevention of in-patient slips, trips and falls within healthcare settings.

Informed Consent

Informed Consent e-Learning

The Informed Consent e-Learning introduces the concept of informed patient consent and why it is required; including a patient's capacity to give consent, how to obtain and document consent, the patient's right to refuse treatment and the consequences of not obtaining valid consent.

Dignity and Respect e-Learning

Dignity and Respect e-Learning

An e-learning module providing training to ensure that clinical and administrative staff understand the importance of dignity within the provision of quality healthcare, are aware of the aspects of dignity and are able to improve the level of dignity with all aspects of their care provision.