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Medicines Management for Support Workers e-Learning

Medicines Management for Support Workers

An e-learning module for support workers, social care / unregistered staff. This training covers various aspects of medicines management including: types of medication, legislation, administration, handling/transport and good practice. The importance of understanding medicines and their potential side effects is also included.

The e learning highlights the importance of correct medicines management: covering consent as well as detailing who can prescribe and administer medicines.

The module emphasises the vital role that support workers play in the care of service users; illustrating how their awareness of individual needs, routines and preferences can improve care and help to prevent relapse.

The specific roles and responsibility of the support worker versus the registered nurse are illustrated by use of the 5Rs of administration and scenarios.

The e learning includes a section on understanding medication, the effect of duration, potential side effects and interactions. There is a separate section covering medicines used to treat mental illness.

  • Introduction
  • Handling and Administration
  • The 5Rs
  • Medication
  • Mental Health Medication
  • Self Assessment
  • Summary