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Statutory and Mandatory Training e-Learning Packages

Our Statutory and Mandatory Training e-learning packages cover the key issues that health and social care organisation are required to deliver. Packages can be provided for induction, initial and refresher training. Pre assessment can also be used to determine existing knowledge levels and retraining requirements.

Fire Safety

Fire Safety e-Learning

An e-learning module raising awareness of fire, fire safety and fire prevention, control and evacuation procedures; specifically designed for NHS staff and other healthcare staff working in the community, general hospital areas, wards and operating theatres.

Health and Safety e-Learning

Health and Safety e-Learning

An e-learning module providing training on health and safety legislation, policies and procedures for healthcare workers; covering healthy working, workplace safety, working safely, risk assessment and incidents.

Manual Handling

Safe Moving and Handling e-Learning

A full (mandatory training) e-learning module covering the theoretical components of the mandatory training requirements for NHS and other healthcare workers.

Infection Prevention and Control

Infection Prevention and Control e-Learning

An e-learning module to promote awareness of, and good practice in the use of standard infection prevention and control precautions, for both clinical and non-clinical healthcare staff in contact with patients.

Data Protection and Confidentiality

Information Governance and Health Records Management e-Learning

An e-learning module covering all aspects of information governance, data protection and confidentiality and health records management for staff working within healthcare organisations; covering the law, Caldicott, sharing information, disclosing information and what can go wrong.

Food Hygiene

Food Hygiene e-Learning

The Food Safety e-Learning equips staff that handle food and drink with the basic requirements for maintaining appropriate food hygiene standards. The e-learning covers the importance of food safety, the consequences of food poisoning, principles of good personal hygiene, the storage and handling of food and cleaning food equipment.

Major Incident Awareness

Major Incident Planning e-Learning

An e-learning module providing training for NHS staff on their organisation's planned responses and arrangements for dealing with major incidents and emergencies.


CBRNE and HAZMAT e-Learning

An e-learning module providing training for NHS staff on CBRNe and HAZMAT incidents. The package identifies different CBRNe and HAZMAT incidents and explains the vital role of Emergency Preparedness Resilience and Response (EPRR) Planning in ensuring the Trust can respond to an incident.

Welsh Language in the Health Service e-Learning

Welsh Language e-Learning

An e-learning module promoting the importance of the Welsh language in the delivery of high quality services in Wales; enabling staff to assess how they currently deliver bilingual services and providing a basic introduction to the use of simple Welsh words and phrases.