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Medicines Management e-Learning Packages

Our Medicines Management e-learning packages cover Prescribing, Dispensing, Administration, Safe Handling, Controlled Drugs and Rapid Tranquillisation. These package aim to improve medicines management and to enhance patient safety and care standards.

Safer Prescribing

Safer Prescribing e-Learning

The Safer Prescribing e-Learning promotes good practice and the appropriate application of standards in prescribing medicines. The package also details the risk factors and common medication errors associated with drugs that carry a high risk of significant patients harm.

Safe Administration of Medicines

Safe Administration of Medicines e-Learning

An e-learning module covering the procedures, accountability and responsibility for the administration and management of medicines, based upon the '10 R's' of safe administration; for registered nurses working in in-patient and community settings.

Medicines Management in Secure Environments

Medicines Management in Secure Environments

An e-learning module promoting the awareness of risks associated with medicines management in prisons and secure environments. Topics covered include: safe prescribing, 'in possession' medication and the limitation of medication choice.

Clozapine e-Learning

Clozapine e-Learning

This e learning module explains what Clozapine is and how it works; how to start patients on Clozapine, including registering patients with the Clozapine Patient Monitoring Service; the need for close patient monitoring; actions to take when clozapine patients have high temperatures or abnormal blood test results and potential side effects and their management.

Controlled Drugs e-Learning

Controlled Drugs e-Learning

An e-learning module covering all aspects of the management of controlled drugs for staff within the NHS, mental health and social care settings; covering CDs stationery, ordering, receipt, storage and key holding, prescribing, administration, stock keeping and PODs.

Rapid Tranquillisation e-Learning

Rapid Tranquillisation e-Learning

An e-learning module covering the safe and appropriate use of rapid tranquillisation within mental health settings; covering the planning, precautions, assessment, escalation and decision to use rapid tranquillisation; medication, monitoring and managing adverse effects.

Patient Group Directions e-Learning

Patient Group Directions e-Learning

An e-learning module covering the development and use of patient group directions by nursing and medical staff; covering the principles of PGDs, the PGD development process, using PGDs, supervising PGDs, and PGD documentation.


Antibiotics e-Learning

This e learning is aimed at raising awareness of the growing issue of antibiotic resistance. The module covers the importance of protecting the body's normal flora, understanding pathogens, the correct use of broad spectrum versus narrow spectrum treatment and the role of conservative antibiotic prescribing.

Medical Gases

Medical Gases e-Learning

This e learning module provides the definitions of medical gases and ensure learners know how to identify medical gas cylinders by size, valve type and colour coding. By the end of the module, learners will be able to identify medical gases in common use and know their application. The module also includes how to safely store and handle medical gas cylinders.

Epidural and PCA

Epidural and PCA e-Learning

This e learning module outlines how epidural infusions and IV Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) work and how they may be used for post operative pain management. Relevant medications, preparation techniques, risks, benefits and contraindicators are described. The module raises awareness of potential complications and side effects.


Chemotherapy e-Learning

The e learning module describes the purpose of chemotherapy treatment, including a description of antineoplastic agents given through oral and parenteral routes. Targeted therapy and potential hazards of working with chemotherapy are explained, including how to deal with spillages.

Medicines Management for Support Workers

Medicines Management for Support Workers e-Learning

An e-learning module for support workers, social care / unregistered staff. This training covers various aspects of medicines management including: types of medication, legislation, administration, handling/transport and good practice.

Prescribing and Administration e-Learning

Prescribing and Administration e-Learning

An e-learning module to promote good practice and the appropriate application of standards in the use of medication charts for prescribing and recording the administration of medicines within acute and mental health hospital environments.

Drug Safety e-Learning

High Risk Medication (Drug Safety) e-Learning

An e-learning module providing education and training in the safe use of high risk medicines with the aim of reducing medication errors, improving patient safety and encouraging the reporting of medication incidents.

Medicines Management e-Learning

Safe and Secure Handling of Medicines e-Learning

An e-learning module covering the safe and secure management and handling of medicines across the entire acquisition, storage, stock control, prescribing, dispensing and administration process; for health and social care staff within community and in-patient settings.

Dispensing for Discharge e-Learning

Dispensing for Discharge e-Learning

An e-learning module providing training for nursing, pharmacy and clinical staff on the assessment, management and use of Patient's Own Drugs (PODs) during admission and treatment, for dispensing individual medication supplies during an in-patient stay, and for checking discharge prescriptions and supplies.

Self Administration of Medication

Self-Administration of Medication e-Learning

This e learning module introduces the requirements for implementing Self Administration procedures on the ward. The varying levels of patient self-administration are described and the associated degrees of nurse supervision explained.