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Healthy Workforce e-Learning Packages

Our Healthy Workforce e-learning packages provide training and guidance on staff health and welfare issues, such as work life balance, workplace stress and stress management, equality and diversity. Packages also cover workforce management issues such as recruitment and selection.

Lone Working

Lone Working e-Learning

The Lone Working eLearning enables employers and lone workers to identify, evaluate and manager the risks associated with lone working; supports lone workers to conduct dynamic risk assessment and stresses the need to follow procedures and safe systems for lone working.

Equal Opportunities e-Learning

Equality and Diversity e-Learning

An e-learning module to support staff within NHS and other healthcare organisations in interpreting equality, diversity and human rights; to identify and take action to overcome discrimination; and to promote diversity, equality of opportunity and a non-discriminatory culture.

Stress Management e-Learning

Stress Management e-Learning

An e-learning module providing support to both staff and managers to identify the causes and signs of work related stress, to examine the measures that can be taken to relieve stress, and to illustrate the application of the HSE Stress Management Standards within a stress risk assessment.

Work Life Balance e-Learning

Work Life Balance e-Learning

An e-learning module providing information, guidance and support to staff within the NHS, on available work patterns and the process of applying for flexible working, to support a better work life balance.


Recruitment and Selection e-Learning

An e-learning module providing information and guidance on recruitment and selection procedures; covering post definition, applications and short listing, interviewing techniques, screening and appointment procedures.