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Safe Administration of Medicines e-Learning

Safe Administration of Medicines

The Safe Administration of Medicines e-Learning covers the procedures, accountability and responsibility for the administration and management of medicines; for registered nurses working in inpatient and community settings.

The e-learning illustrates the requirements for reading and checking prescriptions prior to the administration of medicines. The package promotes improved administration practices based upon the '10 Rís' of safe administration; Right Patients, Right Consent, Right Time, Right Medicine, Right Dose, Right Route, Right Expiry, Right Documentation, Right Effect, Right Education.

  • Introduction
  • Reading the Prescription
  • The 10 R's of Administration
    • Right Patient
    • Right Consent
    • Right Time
    • Right Medicine
    • Right Dose
    • Right Route
    • Right Expiry
    • Right Documentation
    • Right Effect
    • Right Education
  • Summary