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Dispensing for Discharge e-Learning

Dispensing for Discharge e-Learning

The Dispensing for Discharge e-learning module provides training for nursing, pharmacy and clinical staff on the assessment, management and use of Patient's Own Drugs (PODs) during admission, treatment and discharge.

The requirements and procedures for checking, managing and resupplying patientís own drugs are illustrated. The processes for dispensing appropriate discharge medication during an in-patient stay and for checking discharge prescriptions and supplies are also included. The benefits of reusing PODs are highlighted both in terms of financial savings and improved patient care.

The module incorporates a formal interactive assessment of competency for checking patient's own drugs on admission and at discharge.

  • Introduction
    • What are PODs?
  • Admission
  • In-Patient Stay
  • Discharge
  • Summary
  • Assessment

Separate versions of the module are available for Ward Staff and Dispensary Staff incorporating separate tailored assessments.