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Website Terms and Conditions

Access to this Website is covered by the following Terms and Conditions:


The Learning Industries Website comprises all content and web-based systems hosted under the domain ‘learningindustries.com'; including but not limited to, the main website, the Learning Industries' e-Learning Administration System, individual e-learning modules and other content, sites and systems hosted under the domain for test or evaluation purposes.


All content, images, media, information, scripts, databases and documents provided within or comprising the Website are and will remain the property of Learning Industries Limited, except where explicitly sub-licensed from a third-party provider.

Commercial use or publication of all or any element of the Website is strictly prohibited. No licence to use any element of the Website for commercial or publication purposes is conferred through the provision or use of the Website.


Data provided by users of the Website will be treated in accordance with the published Privacy Policy. Learning Industries will not pass on, sell or disclose data provided by users of the Website to any third party for any purpose.

By entering your personal and/or employers details into the Website you agree that Learning Industries may contact with you for marketing purposes and/or with regard to your use of this website.


Learning Industries Limited accept no liability and make no warranty, either expressly or implied, for losses, damages, expenses, injury or consequential losses arising from the use of the Website or any element of the Website.


These Terms and Conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. Any disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.


Your use of the Website constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.